Welcome to the Blue Horizon Group of Companies

Blue Horizon Industries Inc. (“Blue Horizon”) is a diversified industrial public Canadian company with its shares quoted on the Canadian National Stock Exchange (CNSX) under the symbol BH. Blue Horizon has the following four-fold strategic focus.

  1. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Blue Horizon Bio-Diesel Inc. (BHBD), the construction of a demonstration refinery that validates a renewable diesel technology that is in the process of being licensed to the Corporation’s subsidiary.
  2. Through its 74% owned subsidiary, Blue Horizon Mining Inc. (Blue Horizon Mining), the advancement of two early stage mining projects, one at Vermillion Forks British Columbia and the other at Salmo (Kodi) British Columbia;
  3. Through its other wholly owned division of Blue Horizon Energy, the exploration for oil and gas in Western Canada.
  4. Through Blue Horizon Contracting, a wholly-owned division of Blue Horizon Industries Inc. (BHI) is now working with Blue Horizon Bio-Diesel Inc. (BHBD) on building potential future renewable diesel plants.

On August 30th, 2011 the Blue Horizon Group of Companies completed a Plan Of Arrangement with a public company, MLB Industries Inc. which subsequently changed its name to Blue Horizon Industries Inc. Blue Horizon Industries Inc. is now creating value for its shareholders through a blended contracting, exploration, production, mining and green business development strategy.